Maxine & Damien – Blyde River Canyon elopement style adventure

May 14, 2021

Location: Mpumalanga, South Africa
Dress: Elli-Nicole Bridal
Makeup by Maxine and Hair by me

Okay, where do I even start? This was the most incredible weekend. It started at the beginning of 2021 when Maxine (a photographer who has become a close friend) and I connected through Instagram.

We both voiced our desires to photograph images in an epic location and decided that we were brave and would go hiking in the Drakensberg mountains (a difficult hike for the experienced hiker, and almost impossible when you have absolutely no hiking experience and no muscle strength, a.k.a me.) So after some research and the realization that we were way in over our heads and already quite exhausted from a busy season of photography, we opted to stay in comfortable accommodation near an epic location that is accessible via car and a short walk.

We booked our stay, started our Pinterest boards, and planned our weekend away in the Blyde River Canyon – it was going to be an epic weekend away to shoot content and connect as friends. Maxine and I were joined by Damien (her husband) and Rich (who was just my boyfriend at the time.)

Little did I know, Rich had been planning behind the scenes with Maxine to propose to me this weekend, and pulled it off perfectly! It was the greatest weekend, I left with a happy heart, new friends, my favourite images ever, and a fiance!
Maxine will be sharing a blog post of our engagement over on her website soon! I will be sure to link that as soon as it is up 🙂