Monique & Dewan – Kruger National Park Proposal

October 4, 2021

My friend, Nelisha and I were lucky enough to get to capture a love story in the Kruger National Park.

Here is what Monique wrote, which tells it perfectly. Thank you for trusting us to capture you in your favourite place, Monique and Dewan ♥️

“Here I was in my favourite place on earth. A place that saved my life more times than I can count, a place that gave me purpose, and a place that was my salvation when I thought the world was way too much to handle. The Kruger National Park grew as a part of my soul when I was but 3 years old. It has been and still is the place that takes all the mundane unwanted pressures of life away.
I was told Dewan and I would go for a couple’s shoot at Mathekayane Lookout, my favourite place in the Kruger. And obviously, I was beyond excited because it has been something that I have wanted to do since I met Dewan. All set, makeup on my face, hair is done with the most beautiful dress I could find we were on our way to this magical hilltop situated about 10 km from Skukuza Rest Camp.
In front of us, we had the photographers, the sweetest and most genuine two ladies I have ever met. We had Nelisha, an avid Kruger lover (a plus in my book) with the longest camera lens I have ever seen, and Andrea. Andrea was our official photographer who literally has the softest nature. She is so soft-spoken, with a huge love of tea and chocolate brownies from Woolies. I didn’t think I would meet someone like Andrea who has so much passion for capturing the happiness of other people. These two are definitely a force to be reckoned with… And boy can they keep a secret!
Our shoot started with Andrea and Nelisha taking pictures of me from behind, whilst I gazed over the beautiful bushland in front of me. I was shortly met with a tap on my shoulder to which I turned around and in front of me now stood Dewan with a huge ass box that read “Mommy.” I must say I was surprised by this. I opened the box and in the box, I found a photo. In this photo was my baby boy, Zorro. In front of him was a paper that read “Will mommy marry daddy? I turned around to Dewan, completely shocked. To my surprise I had a man in front of me, on his knee, holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. My legs literally buckled and I fell forward nearly fainting from what I had just seen.
Now, this was one big surprise… because I was planning on asking him to marry me. I TOLD NO ONE! Only the photographers knew! (they were stringing me along as if they didn’t know that Dewan was gonna ask me to marry him. Very sneaky those two are.) As everyone knows I’m a very impatient person and I had enough of the waiting. But here I was… speechless. Not even being able to stand to fetch his ring in the car…
My mind did not understand at that stage what was happening, even though it was pretty obvious. Dewan grabbed hold of me and whispered into my ear “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I could not hold the tears back. It was like a rush of adrenaline and happiness ran through my veins. Through the tears I managed to say “YES”!
When I looked down at the ring again, I started crying even harder. It was everything I have ever wanted and dreamed of. How on earth could anyone ever say no to such a beautiful love-capturing ring? It’s safe to say I cried like a baby.

And so here I was in my favourite place, with the person who I love the most in the world and to top it all off I now had the most beautiful ring on my finger. Dreams really do come true.
In the end, Dewan did get his ring and it’s safe to say he really loved it. And to our surprise both of our rings had blue sapphires locked in them…this was completely unplanned and neither of us knew what the other was doing or planning!”